About A Consultation

About Your Birth Chart

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Simply stated, a birth chart is a two-dimensional “picture” of the universe taken on the same date, time, and geographical location of when you were born.

The birth chart represents a general narrative of your life and its themes; it is your actual experience that tells us how you are living that story. 

Your birth chart can tell you so many things:

  • Your strengths and abilities – what do you naturally do well?
  • Your challenges and vulnerability - where do you may have struggles? 
  • What career or fields of interest and work are most satisfying for you? Where are your opportunities to grow?
  • Where are you in the important phases of your life as you mature?
  • What are the important lessons on your path of growth and development?

Many may tend to believe and talk about Astrology as though the stars and planets cause the events to happen in their life. This is a false perception, though very understandable. It is easy to have expectations and even fears about Astrology for doing something it cannot really do. Astrology can not always accurately describe and predict what is going to happen. It can show the "climate" of a period of time. What Astrology can do in an Astrological Consultation is help you to understand and accept yourself: your own personality, gifts, challenges, hopes for the future, and even your purpose and place in the Cosmos to enable and encourage your  choices.


As your Astrologer, we hope to empower you to co-create your life.

In preparing for your consultation, your astrologer looks at  the configurations in your chart. With that knowledge from study, they stand ready to listen and to share with you what is seen in the chart.



For accuracy, astrologers rely on the birth date, birth time, and birth location to construct your horoscope. The closer you are to your birth time, the more accurately we can discuss your chart and determine the most productive times and trends of the future for you.

If you do not know your exact birth time, we can find that out through a process called rectification. The premise is that if we can know when were some of the most significant experiences in your life, using astrology, we should be able to work with those events in your life and track planetary positions through time since the day you were born. This process of rectification is complex and is a separate charge of $75 in addition to the consultation.