Appointments With Richard

If you would like a consultation with me, send an email to me, Richard Smoot, at or directly to In the message to me, please include your name, email address, and telephone number.

Consultation Times and Fees:

• Consultation - $200 (1 to 1.5 hours long). I recommend that you allow at least 1.5 hours if you are a first-time client. If necessary, each additional 30 minutes is $50.

• Birth-time rectification - $75 to $150 (depending on the time it takes). If you do not know your birth time or have an uncertain birth time, there are methods to calculate a more accurate time of birth. This involves some conversation exploring significant events in your life and their timing in the chart.

• Updates - $150 (1 hour). Includes your questions/concerns; current cycles; and an outline of the current path for this year starting from your birthday (Solar Return).

• Tutoring and mentoring - ($45 per hour). Add to your knowledge and understanding.

To prepare, I will need your birth information:

  1. You can email me this information in your initial contact message, or after I respond to you at the number you provided or by email. Have ready:
  2. Month of birth
  3. Day of birth
  4. Year of birth
  5. Place of birth (Country, State, City)
  6. Time of birth (the hour and minute plus if it was AM or PM) and source of information (i.e. birth certificate, mother’s statement, etc.)

We can talk or email each other to agree upon the appointment date and time. We can also discuss what you want to understand or know about.

I’m available for the consultation:

1. In Person at our office in Lakewood, Ohio. If you live in the Cleveland area, we can talk privately face-to-face (and at a social distance for now). This is pleasant and personable.

2. By Telephone. We can have telephone appointments in the United States only. We must schedule a time to work over the phone when you have privacy while we are talking.

3. Zoom. If you would like a face-time telephone conversation or a Zoom session, we can set this up. Consultations outside the United States are by Zoom only.

Things you want to know:

• Confidentiality - I adhere to strict ethical bylaws of confidentiality. Everything we discuss is kept in confidence between you and myself.

• Consultation and Payment – Once the appointment is arranged, we discuss the method of payment and you make your payment before the consult. PayPal is available.

• Recording – If you want, I can digitally record our discussion. On rare occasions, there can be technical problems and my recording fails. You may want to record our session yourself.

• Cancellation and Late Policy - Your time is valuable, as is mine. I typically spend an hour or more familiarizing myself with your astrological chart before we meet. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours or you will be subject to a courtesy fee of 50% of your booking price. Emergencies happen, so if you need to reschedule for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible. Running late? It is better to reschedule.

• Predictions – I’m not a fan of making predictions. Similar to forecasting the weather, trends and cycles can be seen, but not necessarily in the details, you are looking for. The future is fluid and subject to things and events outside our control, to changes of choice, and your own free will. Interpretations are to be considered as suggestions and possibilities. You are in control of your life and make choices. I strive to hold a professional opinion of the experiences in your life and give advice in coordination with your views to assist you to shape your own direction.