About Victoria

When I was about 6 years old, I visited the Adler Planetarium in Chicago with my family. I will never forget it. I was overwhelmed with excitement, amazement, and not a little bit of fear. While growing up, my father pointed out the constellations in the sky, telling me their names, and stories behind those names. He really started me on a path to all kinds of knowledge. Now, what I like so much about Astrology is that it is a blend of all the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Math all in one. There is no end to the study of Astrology as it continues to develop and grow by research in evidence-based validity and by positive and useful application, one consultation at a time

I started studying Astrology in earnest after receiving my first consultation from Buz Myers. After that, I tried to attend and record every program he scheduled so that I could find out how he saw those things in my chart. Another teacher was Mary Boyer, known among her Astrology friends as the Cookie Lady. Together with Mary, we headed up the Aquarian Age Astrology Workshop out of Fairview Park, Ohio. There I met so many great Astrologers in the 1980s. The AAAW all helped Buz Myers begin giving the WRAC (Western Reserve Astrology Conference).

In 2009, I survived a roll-over accident in my car. Gratefully, I knew I had more life to live and I wanted to have more Astrology in it. I began to attend seminars and conferences again. Shortly after that, I met Richard Smoot at a conference for New Saqqara in Allegan, Michigan. He invited me to come to the ISAR Conference (International Society of Astrological Research) in Chicago, and I went. I thought of Buz Myers a lot while I attended the classes and felt he would be glad to see me come back into the larger Astrological community. I joined ISAR, NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) and OPA (The Organization for Professional Astrology). In the year after that, I became a CAP (Certified Astrology Professional) in ISAR and began helping with the editing of the ISAR International Astrologer journal. I am a teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages, and teach the joys of becoming articulate and fluent in a second language. For astrologers, the language of its archetypes and techniques is like a second language. I seek to help astrologers, from beginners to professionals writing articles, achieve greater fluency in our second language. We interpret and translate charts for our clients who seek meaning and navigational advice for the experiences in our lives. Richard and I began working together and in 2012, we were married. Now we are still working in Astrology, each in our own way, and together. I love writing articles, editing articles, giving lectures, training candidates for their CAP in Consulting Skills, tutoring Astrology, and encouraging people with the astrological GPS that is their Natal Chart in navigating their life with joy and thoughtfulness in the Astrological Consultation.