Because… Life Moves in Cycles

Professional Astrologers, Victoria Smoot and Richard Smoot

Consulting Astrologers Serving Clients & Students

Astro Smoot is a collaboration between Victoria Naumann Smoot and Richard Smoot's astrological visions. We are combining our 100 years of knowledge, experience, learning, education, teaching, and support to provide useful information, discussion, consultation, and other services using your birth chart for you to understand.

We are both professional astrologers, who work together and individually on charts. You can choose to have personal consultations with either one of us.

How We Work

We offer consultations for clients to help them understand themselves, their current situation, and their path in life moving forward based on the position and relationships of the planets. In addition, we offer astrology classes and share astrology-related insights in articles, blogs, and other publications.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.